Just Defy


Self-righteous bullshit - so in ya face and I abhor you
You spread the message of denial - but it's so see through
Sick of your preaching - with a fist fucking screw you
Nice work if you can get it - I don't - but it's so you

A demonstration of abuse - a demonstration of your faith
Safety in numbers - new religion - just like a master race
More right wing than right on - no freedom to make mistakes
You're on trial now - bollux innit - justify my hate

(Hate) motivates - you misdirect it - act your age - aim your rage, aggression is misplaced
I am pro-choice - abstaining's your choice - don't ram it down my throat
One day that moral fibre's bound to make you choke
Whining purist cunts - your movements counterfeit to me
Indoctrinate, the anti-human that you aspire to be
X marks the spot - cold, sold and sober, pliant, willing, weak
Now why is it that I smell shit every time you speak?

Can you be all you want to be?
Do you fear what you can't control?
Dictatorship has sealed you fate
Your destiny - my liberty - just defy my hate

Wanting - waiting - for you to justify my hate

Straight as a narrow-minded zealot (whose) manifesto is extreme
Exposed - a faction breeding fascists - a neo nazi dream
True to the cause - spouting brutality and buggering the truth
It's better to have misspent than missed out and misled youth

Prefer the human option - human right, wrong, indecision
Human failing, choice, confusion, hatred, bigotry, division -
Sound familiar? - Get the picture? - Affiliate to no-one
Through - no-one - to no-one - through no-one - no-one

I'd fucking love to know what makes you right when you oppress
Another set of rules - redress / confess
Justify my hate
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