A Psalm Which Speaks Of Legends

Dark Lay Still

the cords of death entangled me
overcome was i with sorrow
sheol came upon me
and i was afflicted
but precious, in the sight of the Lord,
is the death of His saints
oh Lord, truly, i am thy servant
you have cast off my chains

bow down
fall to your knees
and look away lest you be blinded
revert thyne eyes lest they melt from your sockets
fall upon your face and feed upon the dust of the ground
dare not to raise your head high, the Lord comes
we are like sand before Him
and our feeble flesh melts like wax
in His presence our will is crushed by His
and yet He lookes upon us with love
like His own children
down down storm the gates
hell cannot withstand the fury of the Lord
and heaven cannot contain it
we are the servants of the Lord
in His spirit we create legends
and one day
all of our souls will be loosed from our flesh
and we will judge the angels
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