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War Cry

Dark Lay Still

fighting with the king by my side
he is lord over all the lands
i feel the light,the heat
from this sword held in my hands
broad and tall, these shields we hold
long and sharp, our blades
one more demon headless now
as blood, like rain, cascades
i try to look them in the eye
to watch them breath their last
they look away because of light
from He who stays steadfast
i feel no pain from these small wounds
their swords are made of wood
even cold steel can,t make evil triumph over good
our king He charges toward these gates
that are as black as night
crushing all that's in His path
with satan in His sights
He's screaming out His war cry
from holy, perfect lips
this juggernaut repeats with every demon throat he rips
your time has come now lucifer
no more will you tell lies
you can not hide yourself, satan from my all-seeing eyes

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