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Your Majesty

Dennis Jernigan

As the King enters the room
A very reverent hush fills the air
As I look all around I see knees bowing down
All left speechless at the glory everywhere
For the King was standing there

So unworthy not wanting to be seen
I was so amazed to see Him gaze at me
As He held out His hand I was too weak to stand
So He picked me up and held me, washed me clean
In The presence of the King

Your majesty! Hail the King!
Your majesty! Who bled and died for me!
I will magnify Your name!
Unashamedly proclaim
Jesus Christ My King Who reigns in majesty!
Your majesty! Hail the King!
Your majesty! Who rose and set me free!
I will glorify and magnify and testify
With all my might that
Jesus Christ is Kling of Kings
Who reigns in majesty!

In the presence of such royalty
I thought this surely must be a dream
But I still knew somehow it is here it is now
That I'm standing in the presence of my King
And He is standing here with me!

Help my weak and feeble eyes to see
Just a glimpse of who You called me to be
So I stand unashamed and I proudly proclaim
I'm a servant of the King Who ever reigns
Jesus Christ is His name!

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