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There Is a King

Dennis Jernigan

Verse One
There is a King upon the throne.
He rules and reigns, one King alone.
The greatest King this world has known. Jesus, my King. My heart His throne.

There is a King both good and just.
By holy pow'r our sin was crushed.
He is not tame yet we can trust:
He rules in love both good and just.

The King of Kings is Christ alone.
The Mighty Warrior!
Lord of Hosts!
Jesus is King and King alone!
This mighty King.
My heart His throne!
My heart, O King, is Yours alone!

Verse Two
Through every trial, through every pain,
This King is sure to rule and reign! Through storm or peace
Remains the same!
My King is there! I'll praise His name!

There is a name above all names!
The Lamb of God for sinners slain!
Emmanuel, Who came to save.
Redeemer, washing sin away!
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse Three
There is a King Who bore my sin
Upon a cross, Savior of men.
My broken heart He came to mend!
He died for me and rose again!
(Repeat Chorus)

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