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Doja Cat

Give me a bundle of rubbers
Enough for the ram then get under the covers
Enough for the fam and I bundle my numbers
I crumble my bread
Come up with hundreds
I'm losing my head
Keeping the bread

Even the cheese with the reffer in reach
Keeping it iller then feaverish fiends
Keeping it clean, sike
Speak of the evil and me
I'm sorta like demons and queens
I got all these people on me
Sorry my alternate ego is speakin'
People unbreath when I get mean
Eat my fajita or get out my team
Lick up a swisher and lean
Like evil knievel
I beat the grime reaper
Ignite like a feaver

I'm fiending to eat up the scene
Eat it like a cannibal
I'm not from your planet, ho
I ain' t the quick fix, I'm the antidote
I get kicks out of trix but I banish hoes
Like the hannibal
Bitches wanna bite
No man to bow
Like an animal

Imbalance is in my chemical
Get calluses from the pencil grip
Asking alice if this is wonderland
Like Erika i don’t understand
I don't understand, bitch
Twisted in the mind
I don’t think that were in Kansas
So this is what the plan is
Like a cannibal
I'm fiending to eat up the scene
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