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Grind On Me

Doja Cat

(I'ts so thick, you know this) oh
I'm high as fuck
Light that dutch
Mocking when I'm walking ya, they bite that much
And they stalking my circumference, make your pipe stand up
Like a mic I adjust it I don't hide that stuff

Niggas in the kitchen with that white
Doing bumps I do not need that in my life
I do not like that stuff (oh shit!) holy shit
So I pick up where I left of yes I still go hard
This the payback to them bitches
Who can't write there own bars
Imma go far, might be on mars

Preference is on pluto where I sight see all the stars
I'm high lit smoking violet
My wallets on a diet serve em'
Chocolate leather sinch body I'm a goddess
Walking through the crowds
Like I am isis I should do it now
I should try this
Cause I kind of recognize
This holy shit niggas in the back... Nigga
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