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Last Chance (ft. GINUWINE)


Ohh yeahh.
Ohh yeahh(Dondria)
Oohh yeahhh
Oohh yeahhh (Dondria)
Ohh yeahh
Ohh yeahh(Dondria)

This is your song
Wait till hear what I did with my verse come on'

It's amazing baby
How we let it go
On and on for this long
You blamin me I'm blamin you
Icant say your right but I sure ain wrong
Girl lately I I been thinkin
And my thoughts are tellin me I'm trippin
Used to say I didn't care
Now your bags packed upstairse
With all that talkin tough
I'm bouta loose you

If this is my last chance to love you
I'm gunna play it like a grown man ought to
If I only got one shot to win you
Then call me jordan 4th quarter in 92, yeah
I'm gunna do it
No matter what your girlfriends say
I'm gunna do it
Believe me baby talkin bout the kinda change
I'm gunna do it
From a boy to a man like barack and his plan
If this is my last chance

Boy I don't know why we keep it goin on
Fallin off, love is lost
You playin me
But I'm not a fool
We fuss we fight
Baby you broke the rules
I thought I was trippin
I thought I was slippin
But the signs are showin me
That you were never willing
To love
Igave you chance after chance
And you straight took advantage of me
Can't you see that I'm done.
Already gave you your last chance
To win me
But you took it for granteed now your loosin me
I'll give you one shot to show me
That your ready to settle down and marry me
Butt you can't do it.
You got to many girls callin your phone
Not gunnna do it
I've tried it but id rather be alone
I can't do it
You won't hurt me again baby this is the end
I can't do it
Already gave you your last chance yeahh

This is your song
Wait till hear what I did with my verse come on'
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