Lets Go


Baby something just comes over me
When were together and the mood is just
Right it's like i'm losin my mind it makes me
Wanna stop time so we can enjoy this
Moment all night now i'm in love with you
And everythin you do and everything you
Are from the way you smile yo swagg the way you walk
That's enough to make me take you home and show you a good time
Let's watch a movie take a shower relax and unwind

Let's go nobody has to kno what we do when
We do how we do our thang
Just do it nice and slow
And make me lose control
Cause i've been feenin for you
To come have your way


Baby don't keep me waitin i'm
Inticipating this night with you
You got me feelin rite and you lookin
Kinda nice i got the music playin
Why don't you show me how you move
Now i'm ready to go baby just take control
I kno tonite will be a nite we won't
Forget i got some things to show you
Places i wanna go so let's get to it baby you
Ready on your mark
Get set gooooooooooo...

[chorus] (2x)

Baby i'm waitin for you
Baby i'm craving for you
Inticipating for your love
No time for playin baby
Don't keep me waitin baby
Let's go i wanna make love with you

[chorus x2]
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