1. 1

    Dorling - Foolish Charade

  2. 2

    Dorling - (Bit)

  3. 3

    Dorling - Aren't We Finished Yet?

  4. 4

    Dorling - Ballet Of The Vampire, Untouched

  5. 5

    Dorling - Concrete Dreams

  6. 6

    Dorling - Dark Age

  7. 7

    Dorling - Fading (I Give Up)

  8. 8

    Dorling - Got It Bad

  9. 9

    Dorling - Heaven Hell

  10. 10

    Dorling - Idaho

  11. 11

    Dorling - Iddley Piddley Rumble Jim

  12. 12

    Dorling - It Shouldn't Be Like This

  13. 13

    Dorling - Lonely Stranger

  14. 14

    Dorling - Look Outside Yourself

  15. 15

    Dorling - Love Song? (Dumb Happy)

  16. 16

    Dorling - Over Excitement

  17. 17

    Dorling - Sorry I Was Late

  18. 18

    Dorling - The Intentions Are Clear

  19. 19

    Dorling - The Waiting Game

  20. 20

    Dorling - Withering

It Shouldn't Be Like This


The gates of my heart are open The emotions flood The tears I am crying Will soon turn to blood My pain is ongoing It shouldn't be this way Not like this This Tell me, I've got to know Are you the reason For my sorrow? It shouldn't be this way My fault is woven deep Into my dreams and fears Slowly, painfully it creeps Showing itself clear Downcast and pounded Maybe I'll survive Hopefully the negative Is not really alive It shouldn't be like this. Dropping slowly from the sky The blackbird and it's friend They're both dead because the help required Had already come to an end It's the fault of the third The fourth, the fifth, the sixth Should it be like this? Not like this. Sparkly foreheads Leather toes Make my blood pump strong Continuing my woes Exploding into neverland That's the way it goes. Desire takes things over What's the goddamned point Of destroying the things dear to you, To tear apart the joint That makes a person who they are And makes the world go round? I'm not where I should be I think my job here's done I'll climb into my little hole And fly off to the sun.

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