1. 1

    Dorling - Foolish Charade

  2. 2

    Dorling - (Bit)

  3. 3

    Dorling - Aren't We Finished Yet?

  4. 4

    Dorling - Ballet Of The Vampire, Untouched

  5. 5

    Dorling - Concrete Dreams

  6. 6

    Dorling - Dark Age

  7. 7

    Dorling - Fading (I Give Up)

  8. 8

    Dorling - Got It Bad

  9. 9

    Dorling - Heaven Hell

  10. 10

    Dorling - Idaho

  11. 11

    Dorling - Iddley Piddley Rumble Jim

  12. 12

    Dorling - It Shouldn't Be Like This

  13. 13

    Dorling - Lonely Stranger

  14. 14

    Dorling - Look Outside Yourself

  15. 15

    Dorling - Love Song? (Dumb Happy)

  16. 16

    Dorling - Over Excitement

  17. 17

    Dorling - Sorry I Was Late

  18. 18

    Dorling - The Intentions Are Clear

  19. 19

    Dorling - The Waiting Game

  20. 20

    Dorling - Withering

Foolish Charade


I think we should stop this charade This is just a stupid parade I don't love you and you don't want me We must break up immediately I don't see the things that you need I don't have the same extent of greed I don't have the things you want in a man I don't feel emotions you understand When it was the early days, we used to have such fun Now it is just tedious, I know you're not the one Why is it that you are still with me? Have I not stated it quite clearly? We have reached the end of the line You and me, we have run out of time. I don't see the reasons that you stay We don't even get on anyway Everything you do is evil and cruel You just want to make me look like a fool And I know that at the start we used to have such fun But since then you've been a bitch and now your course has run Do what you wanna do I just want shot of you And if you run away It'll be a happy day

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