Back To The Stars


David: "I can feel the ocean waves
As I follow the rain
And I know that the starlight is the same
Could you walk with me today?
Could you ease my pain?
As I'm pretending that I wasn’t there that day

It all came down on us we killed and were slain
There's no more hope for us
We've broken the chain

Now we're coming apart back to the stars
Turning into dust of the stars back to the start

I am watching through my sadness
Still I cannot believe that madness
When our leaders lied
Leaving the world out to die
Could it be that the greed is too much?
Could it be that they couldn’t choose?
I cannot believe there was nothing to do

There is no one left to tell: how we let them down
Only questions with answers never found
Now you see why I'm so numb in my hollow shell
The things I know create my shallow hell

I was just one of them I killed and prevailed
There's no more hope for me I've nowhere to flee
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