All the miles that we've moved
And the times that we have proved
We were worthy and so true to who we are
All the failed states have failed
And the jesters are derailed
World forever has been changed
For those to come

You alone remember what we've been through
There never really was a secret door
But the garden was i shades
You know the seventh dream will take you
And I hope you watch the ride until the end

Make us fly one more time
Take us all into your life and I'll believe
I'm a God in all but name
Open my eyes
Don't deny that I was all you ever dreamed
I will be here
I will keep your dreams alive
In my dreality

All your life's been this way
You're outside and in the shades
But you knew that you could shine
If there was light
Take a chance in the dawn
Be yourself and not a pawn
World forever here awaits
For those to come
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