All Is Dust


Like dust being swept away, your world will end up the same for the years to come are doomed to disarray, everything tried was all in vain
As we go on and turn the page of a bloodstained century i feel, at the dawn of this new age as if crushed by apathy, and i wait for a change of season in the winter of my heart i stopped searching for a reason that would explain where we're at between all that we are and all that we may be the distance is far, so far that we cannot see
Love, dismissed, denied, still no war can put it out hope, so hard to find, in these days of fear and doubt
The privileges, evil brings, have persuaded the weak of mind to choose the path of wickedness, to pursue a life of crime the earth's vengeance against you all true justice shall be done he who gives nothing and takes it all, let him be the punished one
Like dust, being swept away like rust, destined to decay like dust, like dust…
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