Frozen Inferno


Through Winter Tempests And Icy Winds They March On With No Goal In Search Of The Enemy Fiends In This God Forsaken Hole The Horror None Should Witness So Apparent In Their Eyes As Marked Forever By Fear And Memories Of Evil Undisguised Submitting, Enduring, A Thousand Nameless Pains Butchery Artistry , Criminal Deeds Of The Deeply Insane
Numb Cold Among Dead Bodies And Smoking Debris Your Frozen Limbs Break Like Ice Hope Is A Word Long Forgotten Courage Alone Will Not Suffice Soldiers Without A Name Entrapped In This White Inferno The Touch Of Burning Cold Peeling Skins Off Faces Atrocity Crescendo
May Man Labor In The Death Fields Like A Slave As The Distant Drums Of War Echo Through The Skies May Him Carry The Dead Children's Bodies To Their Graves And Work For The Achievement Of His Own Demise Through Raining Bullets And Icy Winds They March To Meet Their End In The Land Of The Enemy Fiends Where Death Is Seen As A Godsend War Disciples Apostles Of Wrath Victory At Any Cost No Matter The Aftermath
War Is The Reaper's Best Ally It Decimates In Countless Numbers Perpetuation Of A Genocide During Battle, There Are No Murders
Death Comes ripping
Frozen Inferno Atrocity Crescendo Mass Graveyard Of Snow
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