Good Together


It's a quarter to one
We had so much fun
I'd almost forgotten how cool it could be

The tension, the stress and all of the rest
We left it all behind
We got it all back
Those crazy ideas
The songs and the dances
We used to love
And even the silence, the beautiful silence
That we used to share

I want to hug you and kiss you
And spin you across the room
Break down these walls that we
Spend so much time on building up
Why did we stop?
When the shadows lurking deep
You'll be around
Where my secret's safe to keep
You'll never let me down
You'll never let me down

We are so good together
Why did we give it up?
We're really good together
Why did we ever stop?

If we should fall out one more time
Keep me and tell me that I've lost my mind
'Cause we should be together all the time
Isn't it strange, this business with friends
Sometimes it is harder than a love affair

Sharing a past
You recon it lasts
And then they prove you wrong
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