I wish it was my birthday
Small change, I can't find my shoes
Credit-card‘s just not a lot of use
On a broke day

And its more than that time of the month
Hands are cold and a heart that jumps
It's like a replay of yesterday

I wish it was my birthday
And not a rainy Tuesday
I wish I was not lonely
Laying by your Side
I wish it was a good day
And not an awful-truth-day
I wish it was my birthday
And everything was cool

Fat chance it will disappear
How I want to get away from here
From the greyness

So long to the carefree days
Try pretending in so many ways
That we're ok like yesterday..

Buy me a cake
Light the candles, I'll blow ‘em out
I know what I what I wish for
I wish it was my birthday
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