Christ Crunch

Environmental Youth Crunch

I've never seen a shitty sunset
And i've never seen such beautiful skies
That's why we should work as hard as we can
To keep this world alive now

I think it's time for you to practice what you preach
You are so called stewards of the earth
Well your retention ponds do not replace
The wetlands you've destroyed
In the name of your million dollar church

You don't take this literally
Do whatever good book tells you
Destroy all of creation
Well i know you're full of shit

You don't respect the natural world
You've killed it through and through
For father, son, and holy ghost
But cash the most

Now there are deer dead on the highway
All because they've lost their home
All for money your religion
You've sold out for your throne

Will you get to heaven quicker if you destroy life on earth
You call it preaching but you're giving us a curse

An old man crawls out of his grave
He doesn't recognize this place
And he sees mistakes we've made
He burns up all the churches
He tears up all those roads
He burns all the money
He says earth's your natural home
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