Keep Putnam Beautiful

Environmental Youth Crunch

we're taking back the future with tomorrow in our hands
if we dont speak out no one else will
how many years have you dumped dioxin in the river
60 million gallons per day
well you should be put in jail you should be put behind bars
lock you up and throw away the key because peoople are sick
female fish are growing dicks
theyve lost their sense of smell
they cant reproduce and if that's not enoug
you should go take a swim and see what happens to you

you cut down those trees the animals lose their homes
you turn forests into pulp then you bleach the paper the bleach turns to dioxin
you pump it to the river as i watch everything die

what about the water you steal from the aquifer at 60 million gallons a day
i thought that northeast Florida was a water caution zone

well couldnt we drink that? no no no
cause you turn it into poison and pump it into the river
which is our designated future water resource
looks like we'll need some diesel plants and power plants as well
what about the animals they can fend for themselves

so the next time you buy paper
make sure that its not bleached
we've got a job to do
weve got a world to teach
for the oceans plants and animals
weve got to be a voice
if we leave it to the humans
nothing gets a choice
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