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Beautiful Death

Era Nocturna

till here in this world, I don't want to be. How could I pretend that I understand. It's not the life for me, that I've planned to have. I failed this time around and I'm leaving again.
Now everything is going back to the way it was. You say it's normal but it makes me delirious. It's all been done before and now I shall turn away. For all I wanted was a beautiful death in love.
Now here it goes. What do you want from me? I make mistakes I don't make miracles. So why do you try to believe. It's this impression that I'm leaving. When I turn away. I want the world to know that being is the biggest mistake.
The happy ending will never come. For it will never exist when the time has gone.
But there's no sorrow here, yeah it went away. It's still laying there with you inside the grave.
You think you're special but you're really big mistake. I've lost my mind inside reflection at the end of the day. I've lived this life before and now I will go away.
For all I wanted was a beautiful death in love.
So pointless now. Inside the hollow world. It's all a fucking lie, at the cost of a hope.
I don't want to believe that I'm that naive. I'd rather bury myself in the truth. With the pain.
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