Land Of My Birth

Eric Donaldson

This is the land of my birth

This is the land of my birth
I say this is the land of my birth
I say this Jamaica my Jamaica
The land of my birth

I will never leave her shores
I will never run away
I will always believe in the black, the green, the gold, I say
Our nation great though, a lot of trails
We must face the test of time
And our people they are strong and we are going to get along
Though some people say we are poor
But the progress you make my friend
Is not always how rich you are

Let us stop for a minute
Count our blessings one by one
We should never be disloyal
But stand up and keep strong
My Jamaica is a beautiful island
She is the coral of the Caribbean seas
And our people their free
No oppression there to see
With the prettiest woman there be
And the hills, and the plains and the rivers always beckon to me

Miss tourist, mr. Tourist see the land and come
I will be here for a while and I will bathe in the warm, warm Sun
We will share a lot with you
Our people they are true they will want to be with you
They will love, they will help, they will give
If you wish my friend you can live
You will be a happier one in the land of the rising Sun
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