You Must Believe

Eric Donaldson

You must believe me,
No matter what the people might say,
you must believe me
Darling it just couldn't happen that way,
No no,it just couldn't happen that way

Girl you come home with something on your mind,
Darling tell me why are you crying,
You said be serious no time for fun,
While trying to tell me something that i've done,
The things you say couldn't be denied,
But before your opinion listen to my side.

And you must believe me
No matter what the people might say,
You must believe me,
Darling it just didnt happen that way,
No,no it just didnt happen that way.
Wo,it's alright,wo its alright

Girl on your own could believe what they say,
But it seems nothing could ever be that way,
Now the talk is on all over town,
Baby you know i'll never put you down,
so hurry on me you're at the party as guest
And there's nothing to say about my love then
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