You're Too Good For Him

Eric Martin

You patronize yourself in front of all your frinds
you wonder why your dreams have all been spent
and up is where you're not and haven't been for
quite sometime
You're barely hanging on
finding out he's gone again
his lies are blowing smoke inside your head
andwe all know in our hearts,
but you don't know yet
You're too good for him, You're too good for him
You build a house of sand up against the tide
and can't believe the luck
that's never on your side
he sells you what you fear and you buy his alibis
You're too good for him, You're too good for him
Where'd you get the dumb idea that love has to
hurt to get what you want
cause you don't have to dance
You're too good for him
You throw away you're pride
at the usual time and place
you wear your porcelain smile
that's heavy on your face
he feeds you crumbs of hope to light your eyes
then waves another one of his goodbyes
You're too good for him
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