Lyin' in a bed of fire

Eric Martin

Where does all the smoke come from baby
Ain't it hard to see through it
Don't it hurt your eyes to try
It was so much easier yesterday
When all we had to do was survive
Well it's trust somebody or we're all
Goin'down baby
But the neighborhood ain't what it used to be
In case you ain't looked lately
You wait and pray, maybe it'll all go away
It clings like a curse
But bein' nowhere is worse

We're lyin' in a bed of fire
Did we come all this way just to blow it
We're lyin' in a bed of fire
We're burnin' and we don't even know it
We're lyin' in a bed of fire
If you want to keep what you got then defend her
We're lyin' in a bed of fire
Better wake up now or surrender

Whatever happend to everybody I heard
Talkin' so loud
All the changes that never came to be
I've still got that same old bad taste in my mouth
Somebody took something that once
Belonged to me
Well it may not be in my best interest to be
Pointing my finger
But I'm still pointing my finger right at you
Take control or keep following blind
I'm trying to get straight but I'm running
Out of time

We're lyin' in a bed of fire
Can't you feel the heat all around us
We're lyin' in a bed of fire
The flames threatening to drown us
Had me a real bad dream last night
This morning my bad dream was alive walking
The streets of New York City
Somebody has to face this thing somehow
There's no one left but us now
We're lyin' in a bed of fire
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