Goodbye Joey Rae

The Escape Club

Dream On Little Brother
Let Your Conscience Sleep
Dream On Now
This Time the Cut
Is Far Too Deep
Dream Away
Run With the Gun
But the War Is Over Now
And They're Going to Frack You Down

Goodbye Joey Rae
I'm Writing You
This Message in the Rain
Goodbye Joey Rae
Thought I Knew
That We May Never
Meet Again

Memories of Strange Things
In a Distant Land
Innocents and Children
Chase the Yellow Man
Far Away
They Sent Us Then
And You Want to Shoot Them Down
But the War Is Over Now


Even Now the Memory
Is Haunting Me
You Took a Gun Today
And Set Your Madness Free
I'm Breathing
On the Window Pane
And I'm Writing in the Rain
I Won't Be Coming Back Again


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