The Longest Day

The Escape Club

Driving Down the Road
In a Foreign Town
And the Streets and the Sun
Making My Head Go Round
One Eye in the Mirror
For the Sleeping Low
And I'm Driving Down the Road
With My Foot On the Floor

Well It Seems Like I've
Been Running For a Week
And I Hardly Know My Name
I Can't Stand the Heat
Running Under Cover
I'm Running Alone
And I'm Running From the Mess
That I Left At Home

So Far Away
On the Longest Day
So Far, So Far Away
On the Longest Day

Well I Never Never Wanted
To Know Your Name
And I Never Thought
I'd See Your Face Again
But I'm Looking For a Bed
Or a Place to Sleep
For a Friend At the End
Of a Dead End Street


I've Been Drinking On My Own
And Sleeping in My Car
And I Never Knew the Road
Could Go So Far
All the Way to Heaven
It'll Turn You Cold
If Your Dreams Always Die
By the Side of the Road

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