The Same


The bullshit
They look good together
They fit well wherever
They're so real it's un-found
They're a kind of couple
We gave life a double
Trying to match what they found

Well if they're talkin' 'bout
You and me lining up
It's always such a problem with
You and me starting off
It's all games, if I take a step
Right you leave me in the
Hallway, just the pattern we do
All of the new, monotone
The same, the same the same

(The same the same the same the same the same)
They think we're the Cosbys
Everything is lovely
But everything's going wrong
You don't like my mother
I hated your brother
How did we last so long
Cause if we're talkin' 'bout

It's time to take a break take a break off of us
They say the grass is only green when you walk to her
It could be green over here but it costs too much
Said it costs too much, it costs too much
I'm looking for the silver lining beyond the cloud
But I can see behind the rain keeps coming down
No weather's going to save our love right now
Well it's storming now, cause when we're talkin' 'bout
(The same the same the same the same the same)
(Get out of the same, out of the same, out of the same)
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