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Time Share (Suite 509)


Lovin' you is existential
Touchin' you, supplemental
Body was just a rental
(Time share)
On the bed of the continental
Don't tell me nothin' 'bout coincidental
That time we fogged out the oriental
(Time share)

We got 'til noon 'til the checkout
So much of you I wanna check out
But all I ever see are these blinds
And I know the shower ain't mine, and this bible sure ain't mine
(All up in that [?] suite)
(Tears all on my sheets)
Lovin' you is the sweetest of mine

We was smokin' a j dilla
The cops passed by our villa
We told 'em everything is oh killa
And you had me against that pillow
Sunrise, no [?]
But here we are back to vanilla
It's the standard [?] of a standard time share
We got 'til noon 'til the checkout
So much of you I wanna check out
But all I ever see are these blinds
And I'm always chasin' that time, to get back to 509

No need for reservations, or hesitations
Baby, we don't have time to waste
Let's take advantage of this opportunity, the space
Unlace the lace so I can place you in places you ain't been before
They givin' us hints, slidin' the receipt under the door
But I wanna take this time to explore some more
You took off imaginin' cloud 9s, well this is when you began to soar
Went from hopin' to floatin', levitatin' on the top floor

Suite, time is tickin', room service, time to eat, feast
I would beat around the bush but you're a neat freak
Got me speakin' in tongues, let me try and speak your body language
When I speak, you lunge
Oh you gon' get it when I hit it
I got a feelin' we gon' be doin' it on the ceilin', I love how you get it
You get me, I understand you

You look me in the eyes so I know that you're with me, baby, I'm with you
Damn that ocean, you're the best view
They gon' need a whole crew to clean up what we do
We knew that this one moment would feel like a lifetime
I feel so alive, you must be a lifeline
A special part of my timeline
Time ain't fair, yeah, time flies
But I'll be here, I promise I'll be here
Every time you wanna share time
In room 509
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