The Other Day

Fabulous Disaster

You can get them in the cd jacket..but if you don't have them here they are.
The other day I saw your photograph
looking into me
don't wanna think about it
try to forget about it
but it never goes away
the other day I thought I saw you
in our favorite pplace
i had to get away
I wanted to run away
everywhere I see your face

The other day I found all these things
you wanted me to know
Don't wanna talk about it
try not to think about it
wish I could let it go
the other day i tried calling you
but you won't pick up the phone
don't have to hang around
you always bring me down
I guess I'm all alone

wish we could
put it all
behind us
now and throw
away the
key wish we
could unlock
set us free

find your key/unlock my heart then we ca move on don'tt keep me let it be then I can let it go yeah
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