Viva La Prozac!

Fabulous Disaster

When i'm down, i'm reaelly down
I sit in my room not making a sound
Don't wanna work, don't wanna play
Just wanna sit alone in my house all day
I went to the doctor , she gave me some pills
She said now take these and they will kill your ills
I'm happier now i just have to say
I wanna live my house
And see a brand new day singing:

Viva la prozac! (4x)

I was so depressed i was so upset
But now i'm feelinggreat and got no regrets
My libido's low but what the hell?
At least i'm living life and got outta my shell
My days are full of fun and the nights are too
I guess i went outside and get myself a clue
My mindis in a better place, prozac's my friend,
Got a smile on my face singing:

Viva la prozac!
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