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Geek Love (Oh My Gosh)

Fan 3

Ooh, Oh my gosh, oh gosh
Ooh, oh my gosh, oh gosh

With his converse tied real tight
He might just be my boy always for all days
The first one I've known to get straight A's
And appear in everyone of my highschool plays

Mozart blastin from his volvo
And there's tape on his glasses
In charge of hallpasses
Not the kind of guy I mostly been with
I go for thug or Abercrombie and Fitch

With a little bit of skater boy, here and there
Not a guy who doesn't need
to show his underwear when he sags his pants
But I wanna go with him to the school dance
and have him be my date

But I'm afraid that he doesn't know how to move
and everybody would flip and have a cow
And now just because he brings his lunch packed
This situation that I'm facing is jacked

Ooh, I wouldn't call him fly (with)
suspenders and a bowtie
Oh my gosh, Oh gosh
Ooh, I wouldn't call him the man
but he can still hang with Fan
Oh my gosh, Oh gosh

(Boom ba na Boom ba na Boom ba na
Ba na na boom ba na boom ba na)

Now this ain't the description I saw in my dreams
But they say nothing is quite like it seems
So even though you see his socks when he walks
and his pants are so tight, circulation's cut off

I think I should give him a chance
And ignore his metal braces and tight pants
But my friends disagree, they disapprove
Of my plans to make a move
But it would behoove me to not pay attention
to them, my friends just don't understand
Just cuz he's not the man

They try to act hard now
Pretend like they floss
We'll see who's laughing
When my geek is their boss

Maybe he doesn't have
Experience with dates
But I bet the same thing
happened to Bill Gates

So even though he doesn't have
Sean John or Gerbauds
I got love for my geek
I want everyone to know

Chorus 3x

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