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Smart Choice

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Wit her ponytail real tight she might
could just be in my mind for a boy named like_5
first girl I know to get A's in the classes
and she threw away there goofy glasses
she's the kind of girl you take on a date
for heaven knows that there is know forsake
I'm a boy that goes for smile so bright
I like ghetto and fabolous
wit some smarts and advantages
not the kind of girl who goes show some cleavage
I know that she's the one for me
and I want y'all to see
I know that she's my baby
and yes she's a little crazy
she doesn't have to fit and wit an tan
and her bestfriends last name is Merriman

I wouldn't call her cool
the way she dress when she goes to school
she's the girl who rocks the mike
so she can hang wit like

Now my friends say dawg you can't get wit that
and I'm like please don't be like that
she's the kind of girl who puts me in a trance
and I will be scared if I ask her to dance
she's the kind of girl who looks selfspoken
and when her saw her true love became open
she's a red head not a blond
and her purse is fleemarket not louis vitont
the girl has class personlity
that's why she's not a fantasy she's reality
tall, hot, sexy, and white
but her personality is as black as night
maybe she has problems cause she's sexy wit hips
but I know the samething happen' to Remy Smith
she may not wear designer clothin'
but I got love for my bitch I want everyone to no this

Hawtie in the house

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