She Loves Me Not

Fear Cult

I'm so sick of this emotion, and the torment that it brings -
Drawn in by its illusion; Just a song the siren sings - I've crashed full force upon your shores -
I am strewed upon your beach -
I hold your body close to me, But your heart is out of reach - She loves me! She loves me not! -
It's tearing me apart - Like a sentimental parasite feeding off my heart - She loves me! She love me not! -
Will this ever end -
I swore I'd never let another seep under my skin -
You infest my dreams and fantasies -
A nervousness inside of me -
Left waiting with anxiety for something that may never be - There is no second chance my love -
No running back to me -
Your prayers they all were answered, but you were too blind to see -
I dwell on flaws, your imperfections -
As I fan the (these) flames of hate -
A change of heart a perfect kiss; My dear it's much too late
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