People Like Me Die Young:

Fear Cult

I'm in too deep, I've gone too far -
I've lost all innocents and shame -
I've attitude to be a star -
I'm destined toward greater fame -
I've got the look they say you need -
I've got drive and inherent greed -
nd soon the world will know my name -
I'm winning at this loosing game -
I'm the latest fashion - Your deepest passion -
Upon your wall (cross) I'm hung -
But like fashion trends -
The passion ends, and people like me die young -
I'm in the lap of Luxury -
I'm who the world longs to be -
I'm huge upon the silver screen - The cover of the magazine - I'm well aware and yes I know -
That once I reach the top of this -
There's only one place left to go -
And money can't buy happiness
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