Sweet Sensi

Fortunate Youth

(Oh yea)
(Well, oh yes, yes)

Sweet sensimilla, I burn ya everyday, u are my addiction, but u never lead me astray
Sweet sensimilla, I burn ya everyday, you are my addiction, but you never lead me astray

(Oh you never lead I astray)

I see your long hair, waving down to there, I see it all, just breezing in the air
See nothing clear, about this, love between you, there's nothing I, oh I will never lose
I see the ganja is coming my way, we roll it up in the car everyday,
But if this time, I wouldn't mind, she takes it away from me my


So when I wake up in the morning yes you know I feel so nice
Reach for the herb, you know lord my fya and my ganja pipe,
Making sweet love all morning with mary jane
Said I got two loves and I love them both the same
I love to smoke good sensi in the morning
I love to blaze dank fya all night
Yo and nothin nothin nothin does me better, than my spliff and my lady by my side


Rise in the morning, smell the herbs that we burning
And you take a little draw and relax so
Me love the east but the best is in the west
Where the ocean has the sun setting down low
So I a dread dread
Give me the herb going straight to my head head
Lion blaze the fire make it red red
Give me the herb going straight to my head oh yea

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