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Fortunate Youth

Your roots so deep
They're deep dug under this ground
Your roots so deep
You cant pull them out

You tossin and you turnin
So keep your fire burnin
The children must be learnin
We spread this music so round
We spread this music so round

You got me trippin
Got me flippin
Got me wondering about these days
Got me wondering about this world
And why all the rage
Rasta trapped in babylon
While all these wars are goin on
You got the children wondering
What's goin wrong?
What has gone wrong?
It seems your fire's all gone
What is going wrong?
It seems your fire's all gone

So light your fire bright
And put it right up in the sky
Let them see all of them lies
It seems they've turned the page and ripped it out and burned it up
And all this world, has gone corrupt
But I will blaze this light
Down-up in the sky
Let the rasta know you got to wave it up high
No more is this fire
No more is this flame
I've seen ya burned it up yes it up along the way
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