Land Of A 1000 Nights

Frank Marino

Ah, well you,
you think I'm crazy, but that's not true
ah, well it's just that I been,
to a million hell to pay for my sin
ah, well hey! what I'm sayin',
is you better be right when you speak of my plight
or I'll be comin' to take you back down with me
to the Land of a 1000 Nights!
Well if I'm just insane
then treat me lightly and don't complain
well if I seem uptight
and it seems that my soul is black as night
but if you're wrong, you better be strong, yeah,
cause I'll be comin' after you to take you back down
to the Land of a 1000 Nights
Cold, so cold I can't pretend - the man in the
with the bonnet head - crystal clear auntie viola -
wet blacknose saint bernard dog - and there is alpha
omega - clearly put water on his tarnished tongue -
crying moons - can you dig the sheep goddess -
she's feeling red feather's from a salvation army cup
and did you think I wasn't going to blacken his room
for surely A Thousand Nights couldn't help but be
draining his soul away - say then,
Sholyo Im Fi Zhamy - Sholyo Im Fi Zhay..
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