Tales Of The Spanish Warrior

Frank Marino

He was proud, he was cool, he was nobody's fool
And to take away a life was his only rule
He was tough, he was mean, he was a killing machine
And to show a little mercy wasn't his kinda scene
Oh, couldn't he see he'd sold his soul
Oh, I wish that he'd a known
He once stood in the glare of a blazing sun
And the feelin' in his soul said the war was on
And like the angel of death he hovered
Over his enemies face
And struck a deadly blow and felt no disgrace
Oh, didn't he see where he was goin'
Oh, I wish he could'a known
But the day had come around when he'd fight no more
And he lay dead on the ground all battered and torn
Ah, well a slip, he fell down against his will
And seeing this the bull closed in for the kill
And so a man who had fame and a glorious name
He was laid to rest for failin' at his warrior game
And it's sad because he had his chance at life
And he ended up by dyin' from his victims knife
And no more will this man play a warrior game
Well he finally found out that warriors too get wet
from rain
And he finally found that kings can end up down a
Well warrior man do ya feel you've gone insane
I said warrior man do ya feel, you've gone insane
Well tell me warrior man, do you feel
Warrior man do you feel
Said warrior man do ya feel you've gone insane, yeah
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