Take My Love Mon Amour

French Affair

Oh Baby tonight's tonight
Don't hesitate, it's gonna be all right
I take you high and don't deny my desire
Oh Baby my heart is on fire
I touch your skin and I feel the warmness of your body
Your body
I'll be your fantasy, your night loving thing
Je t'aime, I swear I do

Take my love mon amour
Take my love make it al right
Thanks your life with the color so bright
Take my love pour toujours
Take my love make it all right
Feel so good when you are by my side

No matter where I go and what I do
I think of you, I need you so
I'll be anything , yes I'll be anything
Your average went of ?????
I love you, I love you
There is no love for anyone else then you
You make me feel alive
I love you only, I swear I do
Je t'aime, Oh yes I swear I do
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