Lamb Of God


Among the decision - incessant
Vertigo in vision of hermit
Atheist in quest of any guide
Depressing with the depht of despair
Allegiance lose to vanity
Blackened beyond the dark
Fierce primitive impulse
Haunted confident in essence
Lineattack by way of flesh
Blast between the innocents
Distressing jaded by chemistry
Doomsday rise the pillar
Drowned into reality
Passing away on the pit
Dreamer through the silence
Retreat disturbed soul
Lamb of god
Virtuous divine
Lamb of god
Power visionary
Armored grind the visual
Wasted Spartan discipline
Fallen of old leader
War axis - uncovering the lies
Stereo venom surrounding
Fragile threat still resist
Spreading the new command
Wizard pray within the stars
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