Eye Witness


André Nideck

Pilgrim ride to demise
As solitary as penitent
Mesmerized by abduction
Ravages from inner phobia
Zero vision - overcast mind
Phoenix strikes the scorpion
Rapture - absence of soul
Lysergic perception
Reptile waltz on the orbit
Orthodox sermon
Lizard tongue taste the victim
Orphan of a womb
Zodiac - no mercy for the vile
Lungs - sleepwalker
Orgy - only on the other life
Consumed by confinement
Beyond the blindness
Relapse by reality
Trapped by machine world
As hard as layman
Cursed - deep inner erosion
Grinded by the new
Speaking with the spirits
Extreme edge of guilt
Pride without energy
Bastard - prove your choice
Eye witness - neon fallen star
Rotten sickness - ordinary past
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