Get A Handle On It

The Getaway People

Walkin' down the road, tryin' to lose my load
Chick walks up to me and says "Man I feel so cold!"
Do I have to shout, get your sad ass out!
Freaks like you just make me sick, you leave me with no doubt
Dada's always drunk, he's a piece of junk
Beatin' up on his girl, actin' like a punk
Dada's always broke, can't afford the coke
The alcohol will choke, He's a freakin' joke!

Get a handle on it

Jimmy's gone to school, he had to keep his cool
Couldn't make the grade, they said he was a fool
Jimmy pulls his piece, "Everybody freeze!"
Miss Spencer tried to cool him down 1-2-trigger squeeze

Jimmy's in the jam, why, thank you Uncle Sam
You f**ked up my life, I take the blame, Oh my oh what a shame
"Wasted, that's what I am," Jimmy started to think
If this is what it takes to be a man, it f**kin' stinks

Get a handle on it

Jenny's gone to work, her boss is such a jerk
Pattin' Jenny on the butt he treats her like a perk
Jenny screams aloud, I may be well endowed
But you don't know y'right from wrong, you know that ain't allowed

Jenny's lost her job, just to execute a slob
Standin' up for her rights, it's "goodnight" Mr. Bob
The court was "fair and square," Jenny combs her hair
Everybody, step aside -- electric chair

Get a handle on it

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