Plastic People

The Getaway People

Fly fly fly me higher I don't want to come down
Tell all the plastic people: take a look around
You you can't be me and I can't be you
Tell all the plastic faces nothing they can do but:
Be yourself be yourself be yourself

Why do all the plastic people livin' in a plastic world
Do what all the plastic people do, ain't nothin' here for me and you

Nylon, nylon, nylon ... nylon life
Polyester feelings, linoleum wife
They can't stand to show their true colours
Anything humane is swept away by the dollars

Be yourself

Why do all the plastic people...

Commercial Break
Be yourself

Y'got life's pole position baby can't you see
Take a glance inside and tell me are you really free?
Shake your ego, ego to the ground
See if the music of life makes a different sound

Be yourself

Why do all the plastic people...

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