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I Wish You

Gloria Estefan

The day I was born I knew a lot of things
But now that I'm grown
I'm just remembering
Where I have been
Might've we met before
Suddenly something has led you back to my door
Looking to settle a score
But no more…

Chorus A:
Deceive me
Hurt and mislead me
All that I wish you is love
Abuse me
Damage and use me
All that I wish you is love

Believe me it's hard to turn the other cheek
Faithful and kind
Might be confused for weak
An innocent streak
I'm learning a lot from you
Making me stronger each time you think
I've been beat
Whatever you scatter you reap
But down deep…

Chorus B:
Defeat me
Shame and mistreat me
All that I wish you is love
Despise me
Lie, criticize me
All that I wish you is love

I may not forget
But I forgive you
If it happens again
The way that I grew
I owe it to you
I have you to thank

Repeat Chorus A & B
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