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Make Me Say Yes

Gloria Estefan

You're somebody else's lover
What'd you want me to do, what's
Done in the dark can come back to you
In the light
And that's not me, so
Do me a favor
Be a good boy
And please don't

Make me, make me say
Make me, make me, make me say

I could be wrong
So wrong about this guy
So wrong about tonight, forever
My mind's saying no
My body says alright
But what if we decide together

But hold up, what if you're the one
If you leave then i am done
And prince charming never comes
It's over, it's over
And what if what i feel
Is from the heart and totally real
A broken heart will never heal
You know what

You're somebody else's lover...

Love's not forever
That's what they say
Just another game for fools
Sex is for pleasure
What you like to play
If something doesn't change
I lose

But hold up, what if you're the one...

But what if you're the one
That makes my soul glow
The one
That makes the sweat soak my clothes
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