Godspeed You! Black Emperor

It was Coney Island, they called Coney Island the playground of the world.

There was no place like it, in the whole world,
like Coney Island when I was a youngster.

No place in the world like it, and it was so fabulous.
Now it's shrunk down to almost see.

And, uh, I still remember in my mind how things used to be, and...uh, you know, I feel very bad.

But people from all over the world came here...
from all over the was the playground they called it the playground of the world...over here.

Anyways, you see, know...
I even got, when I was very small, I even got lost at Coney Island, but they found me...on the...on the beach.

And we used to sleep on the beach here, sleep overnight..they don't do that anymore.
Things see.

They don't sleep anymore on the beach.
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