Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Part I: Terrible Canyons of Static

Part II: Atomic Clock
At the tone... 3 hours, 21 minutes; coordinated universal time

Part III: Chart #3
Prepared in innocence to meet our king of glory
And so we have this
You have it in your secret windows
And you're understanding to understand it and to bring it forth
It takes minute detail
It takes a holy life
It takes motions
It takes dedication
It takes dedication
It takes a death
And only God can allow it
And you couldn't do it if you're not the seed of God
And so the path through the great corridors
These are corridors unto his perfection
That is which the prophet and the Urim and Thummim has penetrated
That through this great sea of blackness
That I penetrated through these corridors
And I went through that last segment
Where I went through these dark serpentines
I passed through that corridor
Where they sat, where they are
And when you penetrate to the most high God
You will believe you are mad
You will believe you've gone insane
But I tell you if you follow the secret window
And you die to the ego nature
You will penetrate this darkness
Oh yes, there's many a man or woman
That's been put in the insane asylum
When this has happened to them
And they're sitting there today, people think they're insane
But they saw something that's real
And they see it when they're on drugs
The only thing is they see it
Not through the light of God, and the way I show you
I show you to see it through the light of God
And the understanding of God
Because when you see the face of God, you will die
And there will be nothing left of you
Except the God-man, the God-woman
The heavenly man, the heavenly woman
The heavenly child
There'll be prayer on your lips day and night
There'll be a song of jubilee waiting for your king
There will be nothing you will not be be looking for in this world
Excepting for your God
This is all a dream
A dream in death

And so I went through that with you
I encountered Hell and the great serpentines of the highest order
And I went through that when I showed you chart #3
The question is asked in Urim and Thummim concerning the pit
This horrible pit of miry clay
Urim and Thummim
You can ask me a question
If it's asked, from the right being or the right soul
Out of Urim and Thummim
I can give you unspoken words that's never been spoken
It's not even in your Bible
Yet, it does clarify what is spoken in the Bible

Part IV: World Police and Friendly Fire

Part V: [... +The Buildings They Are Sleeping Now]
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