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    Gordan Nina - 2003

  2. 2

    Gordan Nina - Badway

  3. 3

    Gordan Nina - Now I Can Die

  4. 4

    Gordan Nina - Tonight And The Rest Of My Life

The pinch one inch half a head and half dead no
pain no gain there's a million voices in my brain it's
like a game of hide and seek and i play every day i
close my eyes and i count to ten one two three and
everybody runs away i'm in a bad way it's such a
bad way can't you give a damn on a better day i
can't come out to play when i'm in such a bad bad
way purple leather makes it better a purple coat or
a purple sweater clothes make the girl i know but i
can't get dressed when i'm this low i'm like a self
made hand grenade but i can't pull the pin i set the
bait and sit back and wait then i try to see if i can
reel you in little peach little blue a little water and
i'm as good as new i want to swallow all of you but
i'm biting more than i can chew

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