1. 1

    Gordan Nina - 2003

  2. 2

    Gordan Nina - Badway

  3. 3

    Gordan Nina - Now I Can Die

  4. 4

    Gordan Nina - Tonight And The Rest Of My Life

Hey baby why'd you turn away I was about to say
something baby I thought would make you smile
at least for a little while oh well baby that's the
way it goes right from my head to my toes and
you're the first to know that I've got a brilliant
plan I hope you understand I want to meet in
2OO3 I want to see what the future can bring to
me and when I do I'll meet you here my darling
and when I'm free I'll be waiting where I said I
would be my love will you wait for me what
we've found is such a precious thing that's what
I 'm trying to sing but before I lose my nerve I
better write down these words 'cause I don't
know what you heard and you know that I won't
change my mind I made a promise to be true let
them say that it's a selfish game but I don' t play
with anyone but you

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