1. 1

    Groove Theory - Tell Me

  2. 2

    Groove Theory - 10 Minute High

  3. 3

    Groove Theory - Angel

  4. 4

    Groove Theory - Baby Luv

  5. 5

    Groove Theory - Boy At The Window

  6. 6

    Groove Theory - Come Home

  7. 7

    Groove Theory - Didja Know

  8. 8

    Groove Theory - Good 2 Me

  9. 9

    Groove Theory - Hello It's Me

  10. 10

    Groove Theory - Hey U

  11. 11

    Groove Theory - Keep Tryin'

  12. 12

    Groove Theory - Ride

  13. 13

    Groove Theory - Time Flies

  14. 14

    Groove Theory - You're Not The 1

I've been here a long time Seeing the same kinda things go on Over and over What I got on my mind won't really take 2 long So tell me if ur open 4 takin' a ride 4 for an hour or 2 Make it fast or make it slow Baby that's all that I'm askin' of u Break my heart if u say no Chorus: I wonder can we go 4 a ride Witcha baby Go 4 a ride with u I'll meet u in the morning So we can make it last all day Sunrise to sundown U just say ur comin' Cruisin' 2 the sweet sounds Baby that's alright I'll just sit beside u And watch the world go by Chorus I need 2 go, I want 2 go I need 2 go witcha baby Far away, so far away Seeing that I don't have it easy I don't live no simple life Telling u it's not hard 2 please me U know how 2 make it right Come on and help me change my mood Baby I know y got the means So whadda u got 2 lose Chorus

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